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Questions to ask your best friend

Best way to quiz your best friend

Did you ever wonder if your best friend knows you enough to know your favourite places or what your favourite car is where do you want to travel etc etc. If you ever did think of all these questions in your mind like I did. You can create a friendly quiz and test your friend in no time and find out the truth, me and friend played the quiz game on the night of Christmas as we were bored during the lock down.

What kind of questions to ask?

Well, there is no specific template of questions that you can ask your best friend to find out how much he really knows you, but there are few types of questions that almost every bestie should know, if you spend a lot of time with your best friend then he would know a lot about you maybe a little more than your own family would.

The Questions I asked my best friend

  • What is my current favourite song
  • What is my all time favourite movie
  • What is my favourite dessert
  • How did we meet for the first time.
  • What is my Favorite series on netflix.
quiz score

Fortunately my best friend scored a 100% and got all the questions right but I should give credit to myself as the questions were really easy and anybody who knows me would know the answers to all these questions, if you have a best friend that you grew up with ask him these 4 easy questions and see if he can get them right. You can use this Website to Quiz Your Friend

What to do after the quiz?

Well that really depends on the results of the quiz if your best friend got all the questions right like my best friend then you should be a little kind and send your friend something he likes I sent my bestfriend a box of chocolate as he loves chocolates. If he wouldnt have got the questions right I would have still stayed friends with him but I dont think I would have still bought the gift for him.

Some more questions you can add to your quiz

  • When is my birthday.
  • Where would I like to travel.
  • Who is my favourite actor.
  • Who is my favourite singer.
  • What is my favourite place to eat.
  • what do you like about christmas the most..